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Lo Mein

Much like fried rice, this Chinese food favorite can be eaten by itself or combined with other entrees.


These proteins go inside a thinly rolled flour shell, which acquires a crispy texture when deep-fried.


Ingredients: avocado, shrimp tempura, cucumber, eel sauce
Shrimp tempura is generally a crowd pleaser, so if you're new to eating sushi, this could be a good introductory roll.


Ingredients: eel, crab sticks, avocado, cucumber
Sometimes called a caterpillar or green dragon, this roll is topped with eel which can be intimidating to new sushi lovers.

Why Crave Asian

Have Soup Often

The combination of vegetable and broth provides you with a concentrated load of vitamins and minerals with every spoon.

Rice Combination

Black, brown, red, or even purple rice are nutritionally denser than white or brown - resulting in a less starchy diet.

Tiernan Ayala, Delivery Man