5 Japanese Dishes That You Must Try

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5 Japanese Dishes That You Must Try


Ramen is another one of the popular dishes, which is famous all over the world. The dish is comprised of wheat noodles, which is served with soy sauce or miso soup. The dish also has a number of ingredients in it such as slices of pork, seaweed, green onion and egg. If you haven’t tried it before, this will come as a surprise to you, as the dish has a flavor, which cannot be compared to anything. The pork is cooked with such tenderness that it breaks as soon as you touch it with your chopsticks. It is generally very filling and makes for a great value for money.

Kare Raisu

When you combine simplicity with delectable taste, what you get is Kare Raisu. The most literal translation would be “curry Rice”. The dish uses a variety of vegetables and meats. The basic vegetables used are onions, carrots, and green onion with meats such as chicken, pork, beef and sometimes duck.


There are various dishes in the Japanese tradition, which allows customizations to be done. The basic composition is of flour, yam and egg. But, you can customize it and add things such as onion, beef, shrimp, and many other ingredients. The dish is also a visual delight as in some restaurants in Japan ; the chef will walk up to your table and make this dish in front of your eyes.

Shabu Shabu

Everyone enjoys a good hot pot. Well, Japan has a hot pot of its own. Many kinds of food items are used in order to make this dish possible such as vegetables, tofu and sometimes noodles. It has a process and way of eating involved to it. You have to take a piece of meat and immerse it in the hot pot, once it is cooked you can have the meat with some rice or just dip it some good old sauce. This makes for a great sumptuous meal and is a great meal when consumed with the family.


The list of food items cannot be completed without mentioning the most popular snack of Japan. The rice balls are seasoned in different kinds of ways and are filled with chicken, pork and different kinds of flavors. The snack is hugely popular in Japan as it is quite portable and you can eat it on the go. The snack is also very cheap and can easily be bought at most convenience stores in Japan.